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The Truth about "FREE" Pets

This appeared on Craigslist  in July 2007.    Only identifying details have been changed

My "Free" Dog

My puppy was listed as free to a good home last year because his owner just wanted the best possible home for him.

For those who are looking for "free" dogs, let me share some of the expenses we've gone through with him:

First vet visit (neutering, vaccines, heartworm test, microchip, heartworm meds) - $400

Crate - $75

Two training harnesses - $25 each (he ate one)

X-rays for knee injury - $80 (if he needs the surgery it will be $1,200)

X-rays for swallowing a toy - $80 (this surgery would have been $700 if he hadn't pooped it out)

Prescription food - $25/bag (he has food allergies)

This doesn't include the countless toys, collars, treats, etc that he's gotten. Having a dog is EXPENSIVE! Especially a puppy during its first year.

We couldn't be happier with our pets but they are a major expense!

Just thought I'd share for the people looking for a free puppy. You probably will want to hit up some of the local shelters and rescues to cut down on vet costs. Maybe even try to foster for them?


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