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  10 Questions for Applicants Who Have Never Owned a Dog Before


1)      Are you willing to get up earlier every single morning so you have time to feed and take your dog out before you leave the house?


2)      Are you willing to take it out for a walk at least twice a day, in every kind of weather, regardless of how you feel?


3)      Are you willing to get, replace, or repair a fence, physical or invisible, which a dog cannot jump over or squeeze under, and have it installed or at least contracted for installation, BEFORE you bring home a dog?


4)      Are you willing to “dog-proof” your home, for example moving breakables and dangerous cleaning products, for the protection of the dog and your belongings BEFORE you bring home a dog?


5)      Are you willing to find out about the fundamentals of obedience training, through DVD’s the Internet, books or TV shows, and where to take obedience classes or hire a dog trainer, BEFORE you bring home a dog, so you can start training the FIRST day?


6)      Are you willing to live with dog hair on your furniture and your clothes for the next 12 years?


7)      Are you willing to pay for a pet sitter, dog walker or doggie daycare if no one is home during the day, and a kennel if you are away overnight?


8)      Are you willing to accept that if your furniture, cell phone, or other belongings are damaged, or your unattended food is eaten, it is YOUR responsibility for not providing enough of something- exercise, toys, discipline, or monitoring?


9)      Are you willing to accept that a dog is not a baby and needs discipline just as much as love to be happy?


10)  Are you willing to commit to spending almost every evening and every weekend with your dog?


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