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Are you planning to adopt a kitten? Great! Please consider the following reasons why TWO kittens might be the better choice. You're going to have to scoop the litter box anyway, right?



1) One kitten can become lonely and bored.


How many hours are you at work? Kittens need a playmate, especially if their human is gone all day. Like any young animal, they need stimulation to develop properly. Studies show that animals left alone in the house can have brains that weigh up to 25% less than those that live on the street. Two kittens entertain each other and enrich each others environment. Try to get two right from the start, to ensure happy times. Siblings are the best bet, but any two of the same age can form close bonds.




2) One kitten can just drive an older cat nuts.


Although it might sound contrary, an older, established cat will probably accept two kittens better than one. One kitten will seek out the older cat as a playmate or worse, tease and pester the senior cat, which can cause stress to an older cat. The kitten in return, will be "rewarded" for his playful efforts with hisses and swats. Two kittens will expend their energy in play with each other, leaving their older "uncle" to relax in peace.




3) Two kittens will "self-train."


Kittens learn by copying. If one kitten is quick to learn appropriate litter box use, the other will be likely to copy. They also help each other with grooming; washup after meals soon becomes a ritual with two kittens.




4) Two kittens help each other burn off energy.


Even the most devoted human caregiver can quickly become exhausted by trying to keep up with the energy of a single kitten. Two kittens will wear each other out, leaving their human parent free to just enjoy watching them. A single kitten will likely keep an owner up at night, continuing to play long after the lights have been turned off. Kittens just don't get that “clock thing”. A pair of young cats, on the other hand, will entertain each other - effectively tiring themselves out while their owners sleep like babies. When they want to play at 2:00AM they have each other - not you.




5) Fewer behavior problems with two kittens.


Many people who experience behavior problems with kittens find that some of them go away when they adopt another playmate. What may be perceived as mischief is often just the result of boredom. Much like their human counterparts, kittens sometimes misbehave because "negative attention is better than no attention."




6) Curiosity overcomes "food finickyness."


If one kitten is finicky about food, the belligerence is often overcome by curiosity at what its sibling is eating. (Feed one cat Same Old, the other cat New Stuff, and they both end up tasting the New Stuff.)"




7) Photo Opportunities.


Kittens will often play so hard that they simply flop where they are, and more likely than not, they will flop next to (or on top of) each other. There is no sight so endearing as two kittens curled up together for a nap. Their peaceful innocence can soften the heart of even the grumpiest curmudgeon, and the sight of that blissful moment will wash clean the slate of their previous misdoings.




8) Having two kittens is insanely fun.


No doubt kittens are fun, but having two is twice the fun. Watching two kittens play together can be hours of entertainment and laughs — it’s better than television and no commercials! With only a single kitten, both you and the kitten will miss SO MUCH. Don't let that happen! If you have a chance to get a pair, seize the opportunity.




9) They will each have a friend for life.


Two kittens who grow up together will almost always be lifelong friends. Although they will sometimes have their little squabbles (what friends don't?) you will more often see them engaging in mutual grooming, playing together, and sleeping with their best pal. Your cat will remain more playful and youthful into his/her later years with a companion.




10) You'll save two lives instead of one.


Nuff said.


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