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When you cannot find your pet,


1) File LOST reports with the local SPCA or animal control offices.  Also let them know if your pet is found, and renew the report each week the pet is missing.


Chester County SPCA 610-692-6113

Delware County SPCA 610-566-1370

Montgomery County SPCA 610-825-0110

Philadelphia Animal Control ACCT 215-685-9040


2) Contact all local veterinary offices - someone could have brought in or reported finding a lost or injured animal.


3) Canvas the neighborhood, talk to neighbors, mail carriers, school bus drivers, sanitation workers- any might have seen your pet


4) Post LOST flyers inside a plastic cover with a color photograph, description of the pet, and contact information. These should be posted outside as well as in vets offices, the SPCAs, supermarkets, convenience stores, and other places with community bulletin boards.  FOUND notices are often posted at these places as well and should be checked regularly


5) If your pet has a microchip, contact the microchip company to file a LOST report


6) Contact local rescues/shelters who will spread the word by email rescue contacts about reports of lost and found pets


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