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How to Get Your Spay/Neuter Refund

When you submit documentation to the rescue that the kitten or puppy you adopted has been spayed and neutered, a refund check for the $100 deposit will be mailed to you.   Documentation must include your name and address and the name of the pet  (also write in the original name of the pet at the time of adoption of different). 

You can mail documentation to TreeTops Animal Rescue, PO Box 584, Landenberg, PA 19350  or you can scan and email it to

PLEASE NOTE:  Although adoptions for cats are often processed while at Paws & Claws Pet Store as a courtesy to the rescue and to adopters who wish to use credit cards.  However all adoption fees and spay/neuter deposits go to the TreeTops Animal Rescue non-profit bank account, so the store does not process refund requests and cannot issue these refunds.     


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