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Great Places to Walk Your Dog


Please write an entry about where you like to walk your dogs!!

Message From: Clarissa Sherrow February 12, 2012
Nottingham Park (Chester County) near Herr's Potato Chips is a great place to walk the dogs. Of course, they need to be on a leash.

Message From: Paula February 24, 2011
We live in New Jerseyand like to walk at Parvin's State Park in Centerton(NW of Vineland) and Estell Manor State Park in Estell Manor(on Route 50, between Routes 40 and 49). Both parks have lots of wooded trails that are great for walking your dog. Also, both places can be a nice stop for stretching your legs on the way to the shore.

Message From: Neil May 2, 2010
I walk our dogs in the park behind the Pennsbury Municipal building on Rte 1 just north of Kennett Square. I let our golden retriever run off her leash. However, park etiquette is to leash your dog if you encounter someone else. The park is sufficiently large that this rarely happens.

Message From: (Private) April 17, 2010
Valley Forge Park, but please, please, keep your dog on a leash so that we all can enjoy hiking with our four footed friends.

Message From: Lois Roy March 19, 2010
Thank you for posting places for dog walking. This information has been extremely helpful since we are new to the area and had no idea where to go. We also live along busy Rt. 896 and have no place near us to walk our dogs. Thanks again!

Message From: Jeanne January 19, 2010
Great Places to Walk your dog: The Penn Del Trail of White Clay Park in Landenberg & Ashland Nature Preserve in Hockessin

Message From: Paul January 4, 2010
The Falls Township Park off Rt 13 in PA. has an off leash dog park. It is seperated into large and small dog areas. I am not sure if water is provided but I always bring my own. Also Tyler State Park in Newtown PA is alway a nice place (Keep your friend on a leash though).

Message From: Andrea January 3, 2010
Nichol Community Park has great walking paths for leashed animals to get exercise as well as a playground for the kids, picnic areas and recreational fields. (Rt. 896 & Flint Road, just south of Kemblesville, PA)

Message From: Chris January 3, 2010
There is a beautiful (and newly acquired) nature preserve in Kennett Township called the "Stateline Woods Preserve". There are fields of tall grasses as well as wooded areas with streams. There are many trails to walk your dog on. The rules state that "Pets are permitted; however, pets must be under your control at all times and you must clean up your pet’s waste.". We have one dog that is very good at sticking around off-leash, but most dogs should be on-leash since there are neighbors with chickens and other dogs that might be tempting even to the most loyal dog. The website with directions is here:

Message From: George January 3, 2010
White Clay Creek state park north of Newark DE is a great place to hike with your dog.


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