TreeTops Animal Rescue
PO Box 584
Landenberg, PA 19350
(484) 727-7456

Cats: 25   |  Dogs: 8

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TreeTops Animal Rescue





TreeTops Animal Rescue was established in Chester County in 2006.  Our Board consists of President  Dr. Laurellen Treisner,  Vice President Megan West, and Treasurer George Treisner.  We are a PA non-profit corporation with federal 501(c)(3) tax deductible status and we are a PA licensed non-profit rescue network of foster homes.   




  • 2015 Adoptions: 112 animals -   71 cats, 39 dogs, and 2 alpacas
  • TOTAL Adoptions  2006-2015 : 1437 animals –  669 cats, 849 dogs, and 46 other animals
  • Courtesy listings: To assist people with animals we are unable to foster, we courtesy list their information on our website and forward applications and inquiries to them, and many animals have found new homes in this way.  



End balance 12/31/15:   $34,265


2015 Expenses  = $25,685

Administrative Expenses -  website, insurance, office expenses  etc.           $  2,965

Program Expenses, i.e. animal care                                                                $22,720

  • Veterinary Costs                                                   $  17,685
  • Food, supplies, boarding, training, etc.                $   5,035


2015 Revenues   = $27,071

Adoption Fees                                                                                     $  9,450

Donations  &  Fundraisers                                                                  $  17,621



In 2013 we established two accounts :  Pat’s Cats Fund (in memory of Pat Morris) and Jane’s K-9 Fund (in memory of Jane Kavenaugh).   These funds are used to help cats and dogs with special needs.  This includes helping to vet stray animals we aren’t able to foster, to provide care for pregnant dogs and cats and their litters, for surgery or other treatments for those with severe health issues including both current foster animals as well as assisting recent adopters, as well as hiring behaviorists to help dogs to find and remain in a forever home.


For example, after the Rylee was adopted from TreeTops,  she had a series of on and off health problems but the vet was unable to identify the cause.  Eventually she was referred to a specialist who found that sometime ago she had been stabbed a bamboo BBQ skewer which was internally embedded and eventually puncturing her lung which then had to be removed.  TreeTops donated $1000 from Jane’s K-9 Fund and set up a GoFundMe page which raised another $500 towards her surgery and treatment.   


Non-cash donations in 2015 included toys, food, crates, leashes, other supplies, and the time and efforts of our volunteers.  In particular, thanks to Megan West  for running Saves the Mums and Mutts  fundraiser each October in Philadelphia. This event is more successful every year, raising funds for TreeTops and other local pet rescues as well as the Mummers.   Thanks also to Dr. James Beach of Walnut Hill Vet  and orthopedist Dr. Brad Gray at Brandywine Vet for providing veterinary services for rescue animals at a discount. 




We couldn’t do any of this without you!


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