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TreeTops Rescue does not have a shelter, any employees, or any veterinary staff, so we are unable to take in or care for lost or injured animals.  

If you have found an animal without a collar and tag, these are things you can do: 

1) If the animal is injured and you cannot take it to a vet yourself then take it to a shelter immediately.  Yes, shelters may euthanize, but letting an animal suffer is worse. Injured animals need vet care which a shelter can provide, and found animals who do not have a potentially critical illness/injury must legally be held several days to find the owner, so at least they have a chance.  

 2) If you can care for the animal temporarily, call local SPCAs and Humane Societies to file a report of a found animal and to see if someone has reported one lost.   

3) Take it to a local vet to scan for a microchip. If there is one, the chip company should hopefully be able to identify the owner.

4) Post flyers of the found pet with a picture and description in the area found, local convenience stores, super markets and other places with community bulletin boards where many residents might see it.

5) Contact local rescues such as ours, to distribute a description of the pet by our email chain to see if anyone can match it to a missing pet. Provide information on where it was found, description , size, gender, coloring, and a picture if possible.

6) Post a listing on the appropriate area Craigslist reporting the found animal. 


If after several days, no owner is found, contact us at  with a description of the animal and pictures.  We can post a courtesy listing to help find the animal a new home- in this case, interested applciants would contact you directly.  If needed, we may be able to help with applications or arranging veterinary care, and sometimes, but not always, we are able to take an animal into foster care.  


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