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2011 Happy Tails Photo Gallery
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Holly Lilley

Nyla Provine & family

Artie Lantz

Cherie DeAngelo

Ronnie Vocatura

Sydney Marks (was Penny)

Buddy Boy Howington

Mughlinn Greenaway

Tito & Melissa Crawford

Tito & his Peep

Grady Szalda at home

Grady Szalda

Pippi (now Melody) McBride

Patrick & Mike Bacon

Hedley Barker

Hedley (was Viktor) Barker

Honey Bun & Doreen Palucci

Arden (now Artie) Lantz

Mikayla & Darla Liu

Mikayla & Darla

Alex & Jack Cabanas

Alex & Jack resting

Marvin Greenaway

Marvin enjoying a tug.

Shadow Killeen

Trooper Venetoulis & Family

Trooper Venetoulis

Romeo & Linus Marcionetti

Romeo Macionetti

Mitzie Spicer

Mitzie & Alice

Squiggy Eschbach

Howie now Calvin Cuculino

Jasmine now Enli Bowman

Enli and her family

Enli relaxing

Zabby Koppany (formerly Zoe)

Syvia now Rosie Bennett with her brothers

Rosie visiting as a Pets on Wheels dog

Rosie in her forever home

Rosie at the beach with Susan

Taylor and Demetrius Suhre

Chloe now Faith Fraser (first bath)

Cooper (formerly Elmo), LaVerne & Hermes

Danielle, Charlie, Liam and Patrick Speicher

Bridgette Baker

Onyx & Chelsea Miller

Sam (formerly Howie) Cuculino

Teddy & Steve

Teddy R Berstler

Marty Gugliemo

Binks Amos (now Botti)

Botti with Lucy & Breyer

Baxter & Peggy Keay

Ronnie & Jimmy Vocatura

Ronnie enjoying life

Waldo Kilbourne

Waldo & Gary

Teddy (Scooby) Apothaker

Squirt Carr

Daffy Buzzard

Alex Dienno

Penny Blank 1

Penny Blank 2


Shadow & Atilla Killeen

Atilla & Ballou Killeen

McGyver Noonan

Bun Bun Ballas

Gilligan Ballas

Molly Treisner


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