TreeTops Animal Rescue
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Landenberg, PA 19350
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Alpacas: 2   |  Cats: 22   |  Dogs: 18   |  Goats: 2   |  Rats: 1

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TreeTops Animal Rescue is not a specific place -we do not have a shelter- instead, it is a network of people who volunteer their time and homes to save the lives of animals in need who were abandoned, surrendered, or lost.  We have volunteers and foster homes spread throughout the area in Chester, Delaware, & Bucks Counties in PA as well as New Castle County, DE and Cecil County, MD.  All are dedicated to finding good permanent homes for unwanted animals and educating the public about how wonderful rescue animals are and how much joy they can bring to your life. 

TreeTops was founded by us, Laurie & George, and we share our home on 7+ acres with our dogs, cats, pygmy goats, miniature donkeys, and alpacas. 
People frequently wonder what's "wrong" with an animal to end up in a shelter or rescue.  I'd like to introduce you to our menagerie. Look at their pictures and listen to their stories and you'll understand that there's nothing "wrong" at all with the animals that end up needing homes through no fault of their own. 

 This is our Cody, who was the ring-bearer at the wedding of our son Josh and his wife Shelly.  He is a drop-dead gorgeous sheltie/collie mix who was a starving scrawny stray when he was caught by a dog-warden.  He is the most loyal and obedient dog we have.  It's not hard to find beautiful or even "pure-bred" cats and dogs like these at shelters and rescues!

This is Eliza, Queen of the snow, the one that got us involved in rescue work.  At 3 months old, she and her sister were left tied to a tree out in the country.  The property owner was going to sell them for medical research before a rescue was notified and agreed to take them into foster care.  Up to this time, we had been cat owners, but we saw her listed on Petfinder.  She is the alpha Queen of our pack, a sweet gentle soul who keeps the peace, but knows how to be a calm assertive leader to all.  It was because of her story that we started volunteering to help rescue other unwanted animals like her.  After our son went to college, Eliza was so sad that we adopted Taz, who was a puppy mill dog given up by his owner when they found (surprise!) that an energetic and very smart border collie pup is not a good match for a household of young children.  Taz is a born actor and can put on the most forlorn expression ever to lure unsuspecting visitors into his favorite  (and endless) game of ball.

  Chessie, a BIG sweetheart of a tabby tomcat, ended up at a shelter as one of an unwanted litter of kittens but is now our oldest cat.   Dharma, an Eskimo/sheltie mix, was dumped at a rural VA pound, dripping milk but without her pups, because "she went and got herself pregnant"- they never said what they did with the pups!   Both Chessie and Dharma acted as moms to Delilah, an orphaned Siamese mix kitten who died of FeLV before a year old.  Chessie was very depressed after Delilah died until we got another orphan kitten, Remy, for him to care for.


  Lucy, a long-haired dachshund/chihuahua mix, was seized from a backyard breeder by animal control in West Virginia.  She was kept in a wooden box for years of breeding.  Despite being abused like this for the first 9 years of her life, Lucy is a happy-go-lucky lap dog full of love and kisses for every person she meets- she's the one everyone falls in love with when they visit.   Remy, a black long-haired cat, LOVES Lucy and cuddles up to her at every opportunity, but Lucy only tolerates him and always pretends he's not there.

  May Li, Jules, and Sugar are ragdoll/siamese mixes all with sweet loving temperaments.  May Li was dumped starving and sick at a shelter, Jules was turned in when his owner stopped breeding cats, and Sugar was a stray.  Jules even came with an offical pedigree, which on close inspection, couldn't have been his (his "mom's" birthday was only three months before his!).  Faked papers are very typical of backyard breeders selling "pedigreed" pets.  

  Sophie (calico), Olivia (tuxedo), and Dexter (orange tabby) are our barn cats.  All are friendly and outgoing with people and tolerant of dogs, but despite all efforts would not use a litter box reliably and therefore were considered unadoptable.  Dexter is the record holder-he had 8 homes in 8 months before we adopted him.  

Miniature goats are about the size of a dog and are surprisingly personable and playful.  Ned and Jed were pygmy goat mixes, and Sugar is a Nubian cross, all of whom were orphaned, hand-raised and then needed homes.  Billy, Nilla & Cocoa are pygmy goats, Fred & Smores  are Nigerian dwarf/Nubian crosses, Snickers is an Angora/pygmy mix, and Oreo a fainting goat.  All of them are from petting zoos who breed each year (because everyone loves seeing the kids!) but then inevitably have too many and have to reduce their herds.  


The latest additions to our menagerie are three alpaca, Arturo, Marco and Tito. These are neutered males who weren't wanted for breeding and needed new homes.  That's George, our son Josh, and his wife Shelly with them. The second picture is Marco after his yearly shearing!


And here are our newest additions, miniature donkeys Smokey and her daughter Rosie.  They were raised by a girl who started in 4-H and was breeding and showing miniature donkeys for years, but now is going off to college and needs to rehome most of her herd.


 And then there's the others who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge throughout our lives.  Besides Delilah, there were many other cats- Woodruff, Cory, Seren, Cosmo, Minuit, Alicia, & Cleo, our dog Casey, and our goat Meg.  We loved them all and will always remember them in our hearts. 


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