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2010 Happy Tails Photo Gallery
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Louis (formerly Cledus) & Redbone Garber

Louis Garber

Fritz Hastings

Angus, Stacey & Shaina

Angus & Family

Missy Meier


Honey (now Zenyatta) McCausland

Diego Burke & Molly

Powder Hershey

Anabelle (now Belle) Segnere

Dixie Mende

Scout & Captian Connolly

Buddy Tudisco (aka Bugsy)

Daisy (Cookie) Stover

Payton & Major Dames "Tug a War"

Rest time for the Dames boys

Payton (Royal) & Major Dames


Scout Connolly

Scout (Cocoa) Connolly

Small Paul (Spot)

Small Paul McGuigan (formerly Spot)


Kunu Sankner

Penny & Wyatt Blank

Penny Blank

Ali Robinson

Ali (Elcie) Robinson

Blaze (Rocco) Massott

Blaze Massott

Arnie Eory

Arnie Eory

Hannah (formerly Cora) Lego

Hunter (Phantom) Kerrigan

Dixie (Chelsea) Steel

Mary Buchanon 1

Mary Buchanon 2

Charger(Bullwinkle) Rohrbaugh

Squirt Carr 1

Squirt Carr 2

Marley Hanson 2

Taterbug Foti 1

Taterbug Foti 2

Pele & Beatrix (Felix & Felicia) Doerfler

Ginger (Tippy) Sanford

Pepper & Willow Downs

Lady Dolloff

Amelia (Sally) Emory

Stella Proujansky

Lexie (Britany) West 1

Lexie (Britany) West 2

Jade Ladd

Hershey Gast

Harriet Riemer

Blaze (Rocoo) Massott

Clyde & Milo Welch

Bowie (Puff Daddy) Miller

Cashew & Adonis Herrmann

Emma Dunlap

Payton (Royal) Dames

Wendie Hooper

Shadow Killeen

Attila & Ballou Killeen

Toffee (Mushalu) South

Eddy Martinez


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