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Marcus Starr

I’m just writing to tell you an interesting story about Marcus. We adopted him in May of 2009. He must have been badly abused because he was so afraid of us – my husband in particular. Several months ago I became aware of a site ( that features a “pet of the month”. I wrote Marcus’s story and sent it to them along with a picture. I actually forgot all about it and just a couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail saying Marcus had been chosen to be “pet of the month”. He’s such a warm and funny boy these days; he loves my husband and myself unconditionally, he loves all my grandchildren and their pets, and while he still has some insecurities he is just a very special pet. We lovingly call him our “special needs” baby. Thank you for all you do for these poor animals and we just wish we were in a position to do more ourselves. Joyce Starr


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