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Ginger (Tippy) Sanford

Hi I hope you open these pix of Ginger. She is doing great. She is already a great addition to our family. She's getting better about going outside for her walks. She's still a little skittish in general, but getting better. I think her big brother Jackson is helping her be brave about going outside, eating, hanging out with us, etc. Our Behavourist, Dr. Spiegle, is coming out tomorrow to meet and assess her. If she's a little anxious, we just want to do all that we can so that she can be the best doggie she can be. She's a playful, affectionate, fun-loving dog, and for her sake, we don't want her to be anxious or scared about anything. We already love her very much. Thanks again- Nancy and Mark & Jackson, Ginger, Jalabert, and Madison


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