TreeTops Animal Rescue
PO Box 584
Landenberg, PA 19350
(484) 727-7456

Cats: 15   |  Dogs: 19   |  Gerbils: 1   |  Goats: 8

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TreeTops Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit animal adoption organization dedicated to placing unwanted animals into caring permanent homes. Our volunteers foster these cats and dogs in our homes, which allows us to give you an accurate description of each animal's needs and personality. We are located in the southeastern corner of PA. 


All animals are temperament tested before placing them in foster homes.All animals receive necessary veterinary treatment, including:

  • Testing and preventative treatment for tick and flea born illnesses, intestinal worms, heartworm (dogs) and FeLV/FIV (cats)
  • Vaccinations for Rabies, DHLPP & Bordatella (dogs),  FVRCP (cats)
  • Spaying and Neutering

All animals are bathed, groomed, and fed a well-balanced diet to improve their health and appearance.  All animals are re-socialized in our foster homes to become good family members. This includes:
For Dogs:
·        Crate Training
·        HouseTraining
·        Leash Training
·        House Manners (e.g. no counter surfing, no jumping on visitors, no mouthing
·        Basic commands (sit, stay, come, paw)
·        Meeting new people (including children)
·        Meeting new animals, including both dogs and cats

For Cats:
·        Using the litter box
·        Being petted·       
Being groomed·       
Meeting new people (including children)
Tolerating other animals


Mission Statement
Our mission is to rescue adoptable lost,  abandoned, or surrendered animals; to supply  needed care and medical attention including being spayed/neutered; to provide them with re-socialization in foster homes; and to place them in permanent adoptive homes where they will be loved and properly cared for. 

Value Statement
At TreeTops Animal Rescue, we believe that all living creatures deserve to be treated with consideration and respect. All of our rescue animals will be treated as if they are family.  All applicants, owners, and shelter personnel will be treated with common courtesy.  And all volunteers and the staff of cooperating agencies or offices will be treated with full appreciation for their help.


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