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Saturday, October 25thHeidi has passed away. I will find away to tell our story. What an amazing journey. Heidi is a role model. I am so lucky to have been respected and loved by her. Heidi is an exceptional dog. Who’s life had a profound purpose in me, and 8 years of puppy rescue…….. In honor of Heidi log onto our website and make a donation 50.00 will buy a bag of dog food, and 100 dollars will pay for 2 puppies vet visit. Heidi has earned her wings and leave her footprint is on our hearts. Love, Donna

10 year old Cosmo was one of the world's best and most beautiful cats. He was an owner surrender at the Delaware County SPCA and as fostered with us for a month. He charmed everyone by attending events walking unconcernedly among the dogs in his halter and inviting all visitors to pet him on their laps or carry him about. He was a big beautiful tom, with huge Jade green eyes and a thick silky soft bengal colored fur coat that a mink would envy. Because of neglect, he had badly infected teeth, and although he made it through the dental surgery successfully, his heart gave out in the days that followed. He was one of the GREAT cats which we will always remember.

Dora was a gorgous girl, a long haired black & white with a striking face. She was a sweet thing, who got along well with everyone, people and other cats. She died suddenly and unexpectedly of an undiagnosed heart ailment while at the vet for treatment.

My poor Leo was a gorgous Aussie shepherd mix who was scared to death of his shadow. After some time in foster care, he finally bonded with me and improved enough that we felt he was ready for adoption to the right home. He was adopted to a very nice family and seemed to be adjusting, but the second day while out walking, he lunged towards some ducks by a nearby pond, pulled the leash out of their hand and took off into a neighboring farmer's field. He was never seen again and all efforst to find him failed. Because he was so very fearful, we do not think he would jahave let a starnger catch him or take him in, and we don;t have much hope for his survival.

Gray was a young adult from a feral colonyin Rising Sun, MD who was fed by a senior couple. When they died, one of their granddaughters continued to feed them, but when the property was being sold, animal control came to catch and kill the cats. Gray, a gorgeous solid gray tomcat with a beautiful thick coat, was the garddaughter's favorite and would rub against her, purr and let her pick him up. However, although he had leanrned to accept her, as a feral cat who had known no other humans, he could not trust any other humans and therefore could not be adopted as an inside cat. We had dceided to relase him as a barn cat on our property, but when taken to the vet, it was found that he feline Leukemia, a contagious, incurable and deadly disease among cats, which meant he could not be released. Facing a life he could never accept in a cage, with a certain slow decline and suffering as the disease took its toll, we reluctantly decided the most humane thing was to euthanize.

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