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Domestic Short Hair / Extra-Toes Cat (Hemingway Polydactyl) (short coat)  : :  Male  : :  Baby

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About Tommy & Ike- Adoption Pending!

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Cat
  • Current Age: 2 Months 10 Days (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes

Tommy & Ike are the 2 kittens from their litter that haven't found homes yet.  Although all litter had extra toes, Tommy and Ike are the two whose feet look almost normal, with only one small extra toe on each of their front feet.

Tommy is a handsome gray tabby boy, an outgoing boy who starts purring quietly as soon as you look at him and loves to be cuddled.

Ike has a beautiful black coat with stripes you can only see in the sun, also a friendly and cuddly boy but a little shyer with new people.


These 5 kittens were orphaned and taken in locally to be raised until they were old enough to be adopted.  All are polydactal, which means they have extra toes.  Polydactal cats are traditionally thought to be lucky!! 

Hi Laurie,

I have 2 girls and 3 boys. 

All of them have extra toes on either the front or back or both.  I knew they were special!

I've attached a picture of each along with 2 cute other shots.

Here's the names and info:

(ADOPRED!) Smudge:  Female Torti.  5 toes in front (big dewclaw looks like a thumb), 5 each on back feet.

(Adoption Pending) Angie:  Female Tabby (tan & black with tortie spots on her back).  5 toes in front (big dewclaw looks like a thumb), 5 each on back feet.  Light orange face. 

Ike:    Male.  All black.   5 toes in front,4 each on back feet. 

Tommy:    Male Tabby (tan & black)  5 toes in front,4 each on back feet. 

(Adoption Pending) Spitfire:    Male.  All black.   6 toes on right front, 5 toes on left front (both look like boxing gloves) and 5 toes each on back feet.


They're all doing well and getting lots of attention and play.  They're eating canned kitten food, starting to turn their nose up on the little KMR I'm offering them.  Not crazy about water yet but started drinking some more today.


> My boyfriend lives in Nottingham and came home the other night to
> find 5 young kittens under his porch. What gave them away was the
> amount of noise they were making. He gave them some water & tuna,
> they were able to eat but appear to be young enough to still have
> been nursing on Mommy. She has not turned up in a few days and we don\'t know if she got
> hit or what happened to her.
> At any rate, I took them home They\'re lapping KMR out of saucers
> and eating canned kitten food. They\'re liking the food more than
> the milk now. And they use the litter box. I take them out a few
> times a day in my yard for their feedings and play time. I keep in
> in a XL dog crate in my basement with their litter box the rest of
> the time. I am socializing them with my dog (he\'s scared to death
> of them, they\'re very interested in him), and I\'m sure to give
> them all hands on attention.

More about Tommy & Ike- Adoption Pending!

Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids

Other Pictures of Tommy & Ike- Adoption Pending! (click to see larger version):

Tommy & Ike- Adoption Pending!
Tommy & Ike- Adoption Pending!
Tommy & Ike- Adoption Pending!

Currently we do not know if Tommy & Ike- Adoption Pending! will be able to attend the event, Meet & Greet- Petsmart on Sunday, October 17th, 2010.
Currently we do not know if Tommy & Ike- Adoption Pending! will be able to attend the event, Meet & Greet- NGT Grower's Market on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010.


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