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Name: Fenton
Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
Adoption Fee: $250
Species: Dog
Breed: Vizsla / Labrador Retriever / Mixed
Color: red
Sex: Male (neutered)
Current Size: 50 Pounds
Potential Size: 60 Pounds
General Potential Size: Medium
Current Age: 1 Year 3 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Highly Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
Good with People: Very Friendly
Good for Inexperienced Caregivers: No
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
11/28/07 All Fenton wants for Christmas is his very own forever home!! This beautiful Vizsla mix has lots of admirers, and adores everyone he's ever met. Fenton LOVES people of all ages, but as a dominant male he would do better as an only dog. He is house trained, crate trained, and invisible fence trained, but like many bigger dogs, at a year old he is highly energetic and still acts like an overgrown puppy. He would love a home with an active family to go jogging with, and play fetch and tug of war with. Can you make his Christmas wish come true?

9/23/07 Calling all big puppy dog lovers! This handsome red-gold viszla/lab mix has the softest, smoothest coat and is an incredibly loving dog who wants nothing better than to be with people. Fenton is housetrained, crate trained, knows the invisible fence and understands the commands sit,come, stop, no, and leave it. He plays well with energetic girl dogs and is pictured here with his best friend Cassie (They would LOVE to be adopted together!). He likes cats (although they're not too fond of his licking them), and LOVES people of all ages. He would be a GREAT family dog!

Fenton will need an aexpereinced dog owner, because he still acts like a big clumsy puppyAlthough he is making progress on traditional puppy behaviors (at 60 pounds he still thinks he can jump in your lap), and, like most puppies, has an attention span of 10 seconds and a tendency to get into trouble when left on his own (crating is a MUST!!). He is also a dominant male so he cannot be adopted to a home with another male dog. Although he does get along with the submissive males here, he has also fought with our alpha male and needs further training to stop barking and lunging towards strange dogs he sees when out in public. He's still young and trainable so this can be overcome. In fact, we have had an evaluation by animal behaviorist, so if you adopt him, you'll have professional advice on the best way to continue his training.

8/30/07 We just found out that Fenton appears to be a Vizsla mix! Except for a darker nose & eyes, he looks very close to the pictures of pure-breeds and the descriptions fit him to a T.

This is Fenton!!: "The Vizsla is medium-sized, sleek-coated and tautly-muscled red-gold hunting dog, similar in build but smaller than a Weimaraner.
Loving and demonstrative, the Vizsla has been called a "velcro" dog: demonstrative and tactile and tending to attach himself physically to the members of his family, preferably in their laps. They will accompany their people everywhere, including into the bathroom and shower. If you do not appreciate constant canine companionship, the Vizsla is not the dog for you.
Viszlas are reliable with children, loving all the play they can get, excellent for energetic kids but maybe too energetic and excitable for very young toddlers. Young Vizslas (up to about two years old) romp and jump with great vigor, and things can go flying, including people, and they are known for being “mouthy”.
If you want a calm dog do not choose a Vizsla, since they tend to be overly eager, prancing around you in sheer excitement. Highly energetic and athletic, Vizslas MUST have regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things. Otherwise they will become rambunctious, neurotic or and bored -- which they often express by barking or destructive chewing.
This breed needs a patient, firm hand. It is important that they are socialized well with people and animals when young. They MUST be obedience trained otherwise they may become difficult to handle and control. This breed is highly trainable and very willing to please; if you can get it to understand exactly what it is you want of them. They have an independent mind of their own, can be stubborn, and are easily distracted by exciting sights, scents, and sounds. You must show them, through absolute consistency and great patience, that you mean what you say and that they must pay attention to you. "

7/26/07 Calling all big puppy dog lovers! This beautiful red gold lab mix has the softest, smoothest coat and is an incredibly loving dog who wants nothing better than to be with people. Fenton is housetrained, crate trained, knows the invisible fence and sit & come, is playing well with the other dogs here, and LOVES the new kitten. Fenton still acts like a big clumsy puppy but is making progress on traditional puppy behaviors (jumping, mouthing, and chewing) and will be GREAT family dog.

6/19/07 This handsome young man is Fenton, who is everything you would expect of a lab mix puppy. He is highly energetic, playful, and extremely affectionate- but also distractible, mouthy, and constantly jumping up. He is house trained and doing well with leash & crate training, and has learned the invisible fence. We are working on his house manners, basic obedience, and dog socialization and he has the potential to be a GREAT pet. However, he is a strong dog who still has a lot of growing to do, so he will need an experienced owner to give him the calm assertive leadership he needs. Although he loves kids of all ages, he is likely to unintentionally knock them down or grab toys, so should be with older children only.

5/15/07 Fenton is a beautiful, affectionate, face-kissing pup we just got out of the SPCA today.

He does appear to be dominant male, so he must go to a home without another alpha male, and with an owner preapred to be a strong leader.

Notes from the shelter: I am a happy little boy. My name is Fenton and I want to worm my way into your heart. I love to play ball and exercise. I'm mad about squeaky toys. I am a labrador mix and just like a little teddy bear. I have a beautiful reddish tan coat and love to snuggle. I need some leash training and could use some basic training. If you want a dog that likes to play and run I'm your boy. Please come and take me home.
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Currently we do not know if Fenton will be able to attend the event, Meet & Greet on Saturday, December 8th, 2007.

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